Wanderlust. Asia. Nepal. Adventure. 2017.

First and foremost,  ask yourself whether you want to tinker with your own adventure or if you prefer to rely on a building-blocks-styled tour operator. We were by no means deterred by the self-organization of the journey and have set off by ourselves into the Himalayas. It's not as wild and savage as you [...]

Packing list. Asia. Nepal. Adventure. 2017.

  The packing list     While rummaging on the internet you are going to find dozens of equipment pqcking list for trekking in Nepal. So I’m not telling you any groundbreaking news at this point of story. For us, the right choice of equipment was important, because we were hiking up to icy [...]

Bureaucracy. Asia. Nepal. Adventure. 2017.

  Bureaucracy at its best.   ACAP: Entry Permit to the Annapurna Conservation Area. Fee: 2.000 NRP Documents: 2 passport photos, application form (pre-fill it online/print it out or complete it at the department. Contact: Nepal Tourism Board (Lakeside Road), Tourist Service Centre, Pardi Damside (for Annapurna only) Adress: Opening hours: NTB: 10 am [...]