A hike and fly is not always about finding remote and abandoned launching sites and for sure not about making the one unforgettable flight. Sometimes we just want to hike from zero to peak, to combine exercising with paragliding. The flight should be the icing on the cake – after a exhausting hike! Because let’s face it, sitting in a  train and just paragliding is probably just as sporty as playing chess. No offense 😉

The individual articles have been categorized according to region and launching direction/wind. You will find here both our personal hike and fly tours, as well as brief and concise information about the site. A selection of pictures should also give an impression of the ascent, the launching and the landing sites. With the help of Outdooractive we also provide the track. If you want like what you read, you can download the .gpx data for your own tour planning. If you have any questions or comments about details, feel free to write us.

We always add new tours as soon as we are on the road again. So check it out at Woecknair 🙂

We describe our personal impressions as good as possible, but of course we do not provide any guarantee for the information given – everyone is responsible for his own tour preparation!

Check out the table for a summary of our Hike & Fly tours. You can sort them on the header by the desired properties and by clicking on the link you will be forwarded to the tour articles for further details.

If you have any suggestions – just write us! And if you notice mistakes, a short message would be great too. So long, happy landings!

HönigATLechtaler Alpen2034 amslx(x)(x)xxx
SchwarzhanskarATLechtaler Alpen2227 amsl(x)xxx
PleisspitzeATLechtaler Alpen2109 amslxx
PimigATLechtaler Alpen2406 amsl(x)xx(x)
KühgundkopfATAllgäuer Alpen1907 amslxxx
KohlbergspitzeATAmmergauer Alpen2202 amslxxx
KrinnenspitzeATAllgäuer Alpen2000 amsl(x)xx
BrentenjochATAllgäuer Alpen2000 amslx
BleispitzeATLechtaler Alpen2225 amsl(x)xxx
LijakSIDolina Soče601 amslxx
Cima FavaITBelluneser Voralpen1100 amslxxx
GrenteITDeferegger Alpen2307 amslxxxx
GaichtspitzeATAllgäuer Alpen1958 amslxxx
Monte ServaITBelluneser Dolomiten2133 amslxxx
GeierköpfeATAmmergauer Alpen2145 amslxx(x)
FeuerspitzeATLechtaler Alpen2852 amslxxx
HahlekopfATAllgäuer Alpen1716 amsl(x)xxx
DürrenbergATAmmergauer Alpen1487 amslxxx
EdelsbergDEAllgäuer Alpen1590 amslxxxx
Holzgauer MuttekopfATAllgäuer Alpen2431 amsl(x)xxx
PanettoneITBassano (Bellun. Voralpen)1558 amslxxxx
Stella AlpinaITBassano (Bellun. Voralpen)724 amsl xx
TappetiITBassano (Bellun. Voralpen)635 amslxxx
Großer HirschbergDEAllgäuer Alpen1643 amslxxxxx(x)
Bad Kissinger HütteATAllgäuer Alpen1792 amslxxx
Kappeler AlpDEAllgäuer Alpen1350 amslxxx
Bernhard's EckATAllgäuer Alpen1999 amsl(x)xxxx
Antenna Costa LungaITBassano (Bellun. Voralpen)755 amslxx(x)
RubbioITBassano (Vicent. Alpen)875 amslxxx
Colle CampeggioITBassano (Bellun. Voralpen)1093 amslxxx
Monte SummanoITVicentiner Alpen1161 amslx(x)x
GehrenjochATAllgäuer Alpen1863 amslxx
RohnenspitzeATAllgäuer Alpen1980 amslx
SinnesjochATLechtaler Alpen (Inntal)2273 amsl(x)xxxx
HerbertaljochATAmmergauer Alpen2104 amsl(x)xx
GaissfußDEAllgäuer Alpen1981 amsl(x)(x)xx
Castelluccio di NorciaITMonti Sibillini1550 amslxxxxxxx
Monte DoladaITBelluneser Dolomiten1938 amslxxx
Monte AvenaITBelluneser Dolomiten1421 amslxxx
Boville ErnicaITMonti Ernici437 amslx
NormaITMonti Lepini462 amsl(x)xx
San Donato Val di CominoITMonti Marsicano1690 amslxxx
Civitella RovetoITMonti Cantari1462 amslx
AvezzanoITMonti Magnola-Velino1100 amsl (x)xxxx
Gagliano AternoITMonti Sirente-Velino1408 amslxx(x)
Campo ImperatoreITGran Sasso 2200 amslxx
Monte ChristoITGran Sasso 1600+ amslx(x)
SchellkopfATAmmergauer Alpen1817 amslxxx
PeischelspitzeATLechtaler Alpen2190 amsl(x)(x)xxx(x)
EinsteinATAllgäuer Alpen1866 amslxxx
Cerro de ItraboESSierra de Almijara666 amslxxx
Loma del GatoESSierra de Almijara431 amslxx
Loma del PinosESSierra de Almijara111 amslx
CarachunaESSierra de Almijara180 amslxx
La HerraduraESAcantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo80 amslxxx
LevanteESSierra de Lijar (Algodonales)1030 amslxx(x)xx
LijarESSierra de Lijar (Algodonales)880 amslx
El BosqueESSierra de Grazalema720 amslxx
MontellanoESSierra de San Pablo - Fuente de las Parras500 amslxx
TebaESSierra de la Camorra600 amslxxx
Gais im Tauferer AhrntalITDeferegger Alpen1667 amsl xx
SeebergseeITDeferegger Alpen2252 amslxxx
MedunoITVenetische Voralpen927 amslxxx
Faraóro / CaltranoITVenetische Voralpen1314 amslxxx
Monte BrancotITJulische Voralpen987 amslx(x)
Dovška BabaSIKarawanken1891 amslxx(x)
Mrzli VrhSIJulische Alpen1129 amslxxx
Vodil VrhSIJulische Alpen1024 amslxxx
SarangkotNPLHimalaya1433 amslxxx
Toripani / MadredungaNPLHimalaya1740 amslxxx
DikidandaNPLHimalaya1479 amslxx
Mardi HimalNPLHimalaya4155 amslxxxx(x)
Sirkot / Andi KholaNPLMahabharat Range / Pre-Himalaya1598 amslxxx
BandipurNPLMahabharat Range / Pre-Himalaya1068 amslxx
Mali Vrh / Monte ContessaITJulische Voralpen1440 amslxxx
NanosSIDinarische Alpen1240 amslxxxxx
LepenatkaSIKamniker-Savinjer Alpen1404 amslxxx
Hudičev Boršt / Srednji Vrh / ZaplataSIKamniker-Savinjer Alpen1009 amslxxx
GindelalmDEBayerische Voralpen1242 amsl
Notländer KarATAllgäuer Alpen1880 amslxxx
BlegošSIKamniker-Savinjer Alpen1550 amsl(x)xxxxx(x)
Potoška GoraSIKamniker-Savinjer Alpen1166 amslx
Kamniški Vrh / PlanjavaSIKamniker-Savinjer Alpen1210 amslxxx
Starijski VrhSIJulische Alpen1111 amslxxx
Col Di DofITBelluneser Dolomiten1067 amslxxx
Monte TalvenaITBelluneser Dolomiten1437 amslxxx
Monte PalmarITBelluneser Dolomiten1343 amslxxx
WildstrubelCHBerner Alpen3244 amsl(x)(x)(x)xxxxx
TalvenaITBelluneser Dolomiten1437 amslxxxx
PalmarITBelluneser Dolomiten1343 amslxxx
Tajatörle / TajaköpfeATMieminger Kette2330 amsl(x)x
RauflihornCHBerner Alpen2291 amslxx
Schneefernerkopf / ZugspitzeATWettersteingebirge2875 amslxx
TanzbödeliCHBerner Alpen2130 amslxx
OltschiburgCHBerner Alpen 2233 amslxxxxxxxx
Hermann-von-Barth-HütteATAllgäuer Alpen2080 amslxxx
LichtspitzeATLechtaler Alpen2281 amslxx
Namloser WetterspitzeATLechtaler Alpen2480 amsl(x)xxxx
WatlesITMünstertaler Alpen2212 amsl(x)xxx(x)
SattelspitzeITÖtztaler Alpen2020 amslxxxxx
GimpelhausATAllgäuer Alpen1920 amslxx(x)(x)
Bielli / Monte ZanchiITVicentiner Alpen836 amslxx
Monte Rosato / Poggio BustoneITMonti Reatini1351 amslxxxxx(x)
RomitelloITMonti di Palermo970 amslxx
VesuvioITGolf von Neapel1240 amsl(x)(x)xxxxx(x)
VulcanoITIsole Eolie394 amslxx(x)(x)xxxx
EtnaITSicilia2600 amsl(x)xxx(x)
StromboliITIsole Eolie794 amslxxxxx(x)(x)x
Sant’Angelo di LipariITIsole Eolie550 amslxx(x)
Niederbauen-ChulmCHUrner Alpen1844 amslxxxx(x)
Mont BlancFRGrajische Alpen4810 amslxxx(x)(x)x
FürenalpCHUrner Alpen1870 amslxxx
MusenalpCHUrner Alpen1760 amslxxx
Col des FrêtesFRSavoyer Voralpen1610 amslxx
Zucco di CamITBergamasker Alpen 2150 amslxxxxxxxx
SassaunaCHRätikon2308 amslxxx
SchesaplanaCHRätikon2964 amsl(x)xxx